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Search still leads the Customer Journey in 2020

shows that the customer journey is getting more complex than ever, as we move into 2020. The continuous breakneck speed of the digitization of everything and now moving from the digital era into the era of AI is creating new touch-points and decision matrices faster than most can keep up with. However, there is some light in this dark and winding labyrinth of touch-points that is a mainstay for customer conversions and it's right up in the beginning of the maze: Search. Search Engine Marketing, search fields, voice search, sorts and filters galore! Display doesn't hurt either, but is an illusive beauty when it comes to choosing your digital marketing mix. In 2019, 83% of shoppers still searched online for a product prior to going into a store or buying online. This is no news to the brick and mortar retailers that have been clawing their way through the buyer journey maps that seem ever changing. The retailers of the new age have succeeded because they embraced digital marketing channels early on. Luckily, now everyone can gain to win insights and customers by implementing the extensive research that the retail industry has put into the buyer journey and their propensity for pre-shopping research.

More than ever, with the largest generation of the population we've ever seen, craving personalization, customization, and commanding fair pricing and trust - search is king. No matter your industry, it is more important than ever to make your brand available, omni-present and consistent across all mediums. Great SEO will be rewarded, reviews and offerings compared relentlessly - where will your business be in the wilderness of the search for greatness among brands in 2020? #SEO #SEM #Searchmarketing #2020

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