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Set your intentions, grow your career

So many people ask me, "how do we get there?" This question could apply to anything - increasing web traffic, cart completions, car, conversion rates, all the way to launching a brand and training staff for success. And my response is the same for every scenario: "what are you goals for X?" and "Why?" If you can answer those two questions, then you can set your intention and path to get exactly to where you want to go. In business and personal matters, when you find yourself struggling to get exactly what you want, it can generally be directly correlated to a lack of intention or the wrong intentions altogether. Every intention correlates directly to its outcome. Another way of putting this is to say, you cannot be a part of the cause, without also being a part of the effect. A great example of this are 'people pleasers'. People Pleasers often times feel taken advantage of, walked on, disrespected, and like they are doing everything right, but not getting anything in return for all their efforts - sound familiar? This is because when you are a people pleaser, your natural intention and the one that lies at the core of everything you say and do, is simply to please others. Not to get ahead, gain respect, get a raise, get recognition, be rewarded, or anything else - the intention you have set is to please. And the world, in return, is giving you back exactly what you have set an intention for - surely people find you very agreeable, non-confrontational, not a troublemaker or wave maker, and people always ask you for things because they know you'll give them what they want without conflict or pushback and definitely without expecting anything in return. Then you have the opposite of that, the people who seem to get everything with ease, who seem to have luck on their side. You may have asked yourself at times, "why is it so easy for him/her? Why can't I do that? I'm smarter, faster, and have more experience than they do - why not me?" The truth is, luck and smarts have nothing to do with this. The people who have this quality are the ones who know exactly what they want and set their intentions upon only that. They believe they can and will and therefore, they do. Try setting an intention for every moment or action item of your day. Start small, start with one item in your day - like closing a single deal, making a specific sales goal for the day/month, or getting all your to-do's marked completed. If you set your intention properly and keep it in the front of your mind all day (you can easily do this by writing it somewhere you can see it), you will naturally move only toward things that will help you achieve your intention. Once you master this with a small part of your day, move to larger areas of life: your career, your relationship, marriage, lifestyle - and you'll start to notice how powerful practicing setting your intentions can be. Start every day by setting an intention for the day and then write down the day you start doing this and come back here 3 months, 6 months, or a year from that day and tell me how your life has changed and how much you've seen growth. "However glorious an action in itself, it ought not to pass for great if it be not the effect of wisdom and intention." ~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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