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Unlock the Power of Email Marketing: IP Warming Techniques for Better Deliverability


Hey there, Today I want to talk about email marketing. Email is an extremely effective tool, and for some industries, it can make or break your audience growth (Health + Wellness vertical you know who you are). That being said, if you’ve grown your audience and are beginning to launch bulk sends, then it’s imperative you have warmed your IP(s) before pressing launch on that first bulk email. Let’s discuss… You know how it feels when some emails land straight in your inbox while others (you actually wanted) end up in spam?

Well, that's all thanks to our friends, the internet service providers (ISPs). They have a ranking system that determines which IP addresses make the cut and which get shunned to the spam folder. So, if you've got a new IP address or if you've already been blacklisted (you know, those dodgy lists and bad sending behaviors), it's time for an IP warming plan.

But wait, what's IP warming, and when do you need it? Glad you asked! When a bulk email comes from a new or unknown IP address, ISPs are all like, "Hmm, who's this?" They're on high alert because of the gazillion spammers out there, so they keep a close eye on IP addresses. IP warming helps you slowly build up a good sender reputation, showing ISPs you're one of the good guys.

When do I start?

You'll want to get in on this IP warming action if you're planning to use a dedicated IP address or if you're ramping up your email volume. Trust me, you don't want that "spammer" label.

So, how does IP warming work? It's all about taking it slow and steady. Over a 4- to 6-week period, you'll want to limit the number of emails you send. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Volume and scheduling: Start with a small but not too small number of emails and plan their delivery. Gradually increase the number of emails you send over time.

  2. Know your audience: You want to prove to ISPs that people want your emails, so choose your initial recipients carefully. Attract those who'll be interested in your content.

Now, for some tips

  • Make sure your contacts have opted in or engaged with your emails before.

  • Use content with irresistible calls to action.

  • Avoid domains that have blocked your emails in the past.

And remember, don't just send emails to random lists of people, even if they're in your database. You need to build a good reputation with a small, targeted group first. Otherwise, you'll have a tough time fixing a bad rep.

Keep an eye on your metrics, too. Set up daily reports to monitor your deliverability, then scale back to every few days and eventually weekly. This way, you can adjust your IP warming plan as needed.

As marketers, we put our hearts into crafting fantastic campaigns. But if our emails end up in spam folders, all that effort goes to waste. So, let's work together to make sure our IPs get those excellent scores and maintain our good sender reputations. We're here to help, empower, and give you all the tools you need to succeed. If you’re in need of an IP Warming Plan or more email marketing strategy – drop us a note and we’ll be happy to help you master your email program! Cheers to successful campaigns and happy inboxes!

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